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Destination: Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon, a place in Mexico otherwise known as Sierra Tarahumara, is a popular vacation destination. Many people who seek adventure come to Copper Canyon. This Canyon is one of six located in the vicinity. Many people think Copper Canyon gets its name because of copper mining in the past, but that is not true. The name actually comes from the green lichen and copper that cover the canyon giving it its color.

There are two climatic zones and copper canyon. At the lower levels is a subtropical climate, while the upper levels have an alpine climate. At the higher altitudes, the winters are quite cold and experience many snowstorms. Summers and Copper Canyon are hot and dry.  One of my friends who does microneedling Atlanta GA knows this area quite well. Chihuahua, the capital city, has a wide range of weather conditions due to its location in the high altitude desert. Copper Canyon is unique because there are many ecosystems present there.

The Tarahumara Indian tribe still lives in Copper Canyon within the area caves. They primarily depend on cattle ranching and farming for their livelihood. Many people visit the area because of the local wildlife also. There are many reptiles, mammals, migratory and native birds that consider Copper Canyon their home. It is also worth the effort to check out the land of the area with its exquisite fauna.

There are many ways to explore the canyon, but the main way is through hiking. You wish to go deep into the canyon, you will need to have detailed plans getting lost. Many travel companies in the area specialize in taking tour groups through the canyon. If you are interested in traveling to Copper Canyon, you can get a tourist visa that is good for 180 days. The visa can be purchased at the Mexican customs station located at the border.

Copper Canyon is a wonderful place to travel with its exciting mix of wildlife, history, culture, hiking, and relaxation.