Most people I know love to travel. They love to get out and see new places while they experience new things. It’s a great way to stretch our wings and expand our horizons. They can be quite a strain on the pocketbook, though. In fact, research shows that the main thing keeping people from traveling is money. If only it didn’t cost so much to travel around the world, most of us would spend our days doing so.

I have found over the years that there are many ways to enjoy travel without breaking the bank. In fact, before I got married, I travel to many different countries with little to no money at all. If you make travel a priority, it is possible.

Now that I am married and pregnant with our third child, traveling is a bit more difficult. There are a lot more factors to keep in mind these days. Writing about travel and how you can do it helps me get through those days I am stuck at home and unable to travel. Don’t worry, I will be getting out there after this child is born again. For now, I will write down my experiences and advice for you, my reader. I hope you enjoy.